Friday, December 11, 2015

kimi ni todoke

Kimi ni Todoke Episode 2 Engsub

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The best thing you can do is try your best even if others shut you down you get back up!


Which is better fall or winter?

I think that winter is better, because I love cold weather and snow. whenever I see snow I feel very at ease and like no wrong could happen in such beautiful weather. Although fall does give you a very calm feel as well as winter. But because I live in Wisconsin and how our weather is crazy I really can't stand hot weather I hate sweating and feeling sticky and in winter I don't have to worry about that. so winter is best!

reponse to theme in play

Living out is a very beautiful play. It showed me the real world through words, and what I'm referring to is the basics of humanity and how people truly are. As a human being it's in our natural instinct to survive no matter what even if we have to lie. That is exactly what the main female Ana did, she lied till the very end. At first glance of the story I thought Ana would tell Nancy (Ana's boss) that her other son was with her in America,  but bad things just kept falling on her and she had to keep her job no matter what. So when things finally get brighter Ana's son dies and she gets fired from her job and finds another, her and her husband have to work harder to work off the hospital bill for her sons death. Even then Ana did not tell Nancy that her son had died. That told me that only Nancy had viewed as friends and for Ana it was a boss and worker type of thing.