Friday, November 20, 2015


This song is by Nicki Minaj- grand piano. First off I'd have to say if you don't like Nicki this song will change your entire perspective of her its very different from what she usually writes/sings. The tone is so calm and welcoming ( welcoming as in it'll pull you in) it has the ability to put you in tears until you fall asleep. Personally Nicki isn't my favorite artist but I truly like her and after this song I think she at my top 5 when it comes to music. When I first heard the grand piano I didn't even realize that Nicki was the one singing it. This song is about a woman been deceived by a man, or a man being deceived by a woman. And that's another reason I love it because I points out one of the main struggles in life and that's love. weather its to be loved or to love someone else. its hard to find someone you want to be with and even harder to find someone to be with you. hearing this song is like looking at ones heart it can be unbearably beautiful or just unbearable. I most defiantly think that EVERYONE should listen to this song.

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  1. Your writing always makes me smile :). I just love how you can draw me in as an audience member, and what your writing truly sounds real. By this I mean I know you really express yourself and trust the audience when you write. I especially loved when you mentioned how Niki isn't your favorite artist. One thing to work on is the separation of sentences. Also, make sure you capitalize the first letter after the period.~KP