Friday, October 30, 2015

movie review WOLF CHILDREN!

My favorite movie would have to be Wolf Children because it has a beautiful family movie feel to it. Wolf children is an animated movie that involves a young woman in college and a werewolf falling in love although they are very different she accepts their differences and they become one. The female heroines name is Hana-san ( played by Aoi Miyzaki-san). She makes me love the movie even more simply because she is an incredible mother, if I had children one day I pray that id be exactly like her. She becomes a mother of two and right after her second child her lover the werewolf died trying to get food for them. She suffers so much trying to raise her children and yet she never gives up. She suffers because human kids are way different than werewolf kids and when they got sick she couldn't take them to the hospital because she didn't want them to be taken away and made into projects for scientist. Later she puts her children Ame-chan ( the boy) and yuki-chan ( the eldest, girl) in school and by time they reached the 5th grade they had already grown up. One of them leaves home and decides to be a wolf and the other becomes a human. 


  1. I really liked it. My favorite part about your writing is that it feels so open and relaxed, like the café you want to open up ( Manga). I love the way you explain different aspects of the movie to make it relatable to people who may not watch Manga or Anime. Personally, I do not, but I completely understood the entire movie because of how you explained it. Nice job!